Friday, January 4, 2013


 lama tak blog...start2 blogging jual bag kannnnnnn...
goshhh this blog was created pon dulu2 sebab nk share with you out there on my passion to designer handbags...
missing those days excited nk share the happiness and excitement owning any gorgeous pieces
ok lah...
this time helping a good friend of mine into letting go her pre-loved designer bags...
rest assured its all AUTHENTIC
if u interested, just buzz me at
Maxi Zip Satchel in Red Fuschia
Condition : 7 out of 10
Price : RM1,500 (cash) / RM1,600 (installment up to 3mths)

GUCCI D-Ring Hobo
Beige / Ebony GG fabric with Gold Leather Trimming
Condition : 8 out of 10
Price : RM1,500 (cash) / RM1,600 (installment up to 3mths)

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Anonymous said...

Assalam bai,
Ni ustazah dr fatma al-zahra ajar.. dalam quran surah al-baqarah ada sebut kalau jual tunai atau ansur2 mesti nilai nya sama.. x boleh ada beza sbb itu dikira riba'.. wallahu alam..
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