Monday, January 30, 2012

"spicy aglio olio" our favourite go-to-menu for less than 15mins!

good morning gorgeous!



how was ur weekends?!?!?

utmostly, how was ur day so far!??!!

almaklum la...after that longgggggg holiday, confirm rasa cam lemau nak start keje balik kan...hehehe

going to work last week was superbly convenient!

no traffic jam

no mad people driving like crazy

no uncivilized motorist honking2 around



wishing that today's traffic like last weeks, tapi KIRIM took me 2hours flat from the moment i opened my eyes, shower, pray, made my bfast at home, drive, clocked in till i settled down at my desk!!!

crazy bugger! i tot waking up at 6am can get me to the office at 7.15am...dream on! those were the days!

now cukup2 makan clocked in at 8am!


*dreaming for a private jet*




tue bru cite nak pergi keje...balik keje plak lagi hazab! regardless kluar sharp at 5pm or later, mmg semedanggggggg traffic jam...

n nak tambah lagi horror kalau hujan...hujan je traffic maut tak gerak...ended up mmg slalu la sampai rumah lambat...

and dah alang2 sampai rumah lambat, so masak dinner pon ala2 kadar je la kannnnn...

n the menu that i love most di waktu2 "kecederaan" nie definitely.........







menu2 yg memudahkan hidup i!!!

sapa yg tak suke kalau masak campak2 je, habis je makan trus dpt kiss dari mr.doc "thank you hunn...sedap my wife masak"

what can i say --------> "happy tummy, happy hubby" right?!?!





so heres another easy peasy recipe that u can try at home...



(malaysian style la konon!)

very little ingredient at minimum prep time!!!



so what u need???

1. pasta ofcourse! any pasta will do...but my preference is alwaysssss angel hair! why?! dah kate jenis malas kan, so harus la pilih pasta yg senang n cepat masak...hahahhhaa

2. prawn...brapa byk ikut tahap kekayaan anda speghetti anda...hahaha...kopek and cuci prawn...take note to set aside kepala and prawn scales dia tue...jgn buang!!! taik prawn tue harus la buang kak cik oiiiii, jgn simpan jgk ;p

3. infused aglio olio olive oil...senang giler ade bende nie ok...takyah kopek bawang putih dah as that olive oil dah mmg ade garlic and chilli taste in it...

4. chilli coarse...chilli powder pon boley tp lagi kasar lg authentic...cewahhh authentic la sgt! i letak chilli powder nie sebab nk lagie pedas!!!

5. italian parsley...dried parsley pon boley kurang kick kalau gune dried parsley

6. salt & pepper



n yes! thats the only ingredient yo!

sikit giler kan...n wait till u prepare it...lagi senang!




how to?!?!?!

1. boil ur pasta until its al dente...masa nk boil air tue masuk kan 1 tablespoon of salt...minyak takyah masuk this time...bile texture of the pasta dah chewy2, toss it up and set it aside...and owh, set aside jgk 1/4 cup of air drain pasta tue...

2. heat up 1/4 - 1/2 cup of infused olive oil...tgk brapa byk pasta u...kalau takde that infused olive oil, just heat up any olive oil u have on medium heat, then tumis bawang putih dlm 3ulas camtu...

3. tumis kepala and prawn scales tu...once dah garing, take them out leaving the olive oil yg now dah infused with perasa udang, garlic and chilli! ;)

4. then cook the prawn and masuk kan ur pasta...pour in 2tablespoon (ikut tahap kepedasan u nak) of coarse chilli powder, ur chopped italian parsley and 1/4 cup of air drain pasta tue...and mix them all up!!!

5. season it with salt & pepper

kalau tak cukup pedas tambah lagi chilli powder...n kalau kering sgt, tambah lg olive oil...





*spicy aglio olio special request from mr.doc to include his favourite cherry tomatoes*



try it!

im sure its gonna be ur favourite go-to-menu too!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

losing you 'baby'.............

"ALLAH tidak membebani seseorang melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya"

~ surah al-baqarah, ayat 286 ~

15th january 2012

a date to remember...for the love of HIM towards YOU, our love!

HE loves us by testing us in losing YOU...

HE who loves YOU more, knows that this is the best for us...

part of me died, when i lose YOU...

but i thanked you Ya ALLAH for giving me the strength to bounce back from it...

you showered me with the strongest support which i call super lovable-caring husband and my precious family members...

and not to forget, all of you my friends...thank you for all the warm wishes and concern...

*sayang korang ketat2*


aku pasrah dengan ketentuan mu Ya ALLAH...

aku redha dengan pemergian nya...

miscarriage YOU that day was the most horrific day in my life, such a traumatic experience...

yet its a promising one that HE is telling us that, yes we can get pregnant again!


ameen insyaallah

*the day that we 'transfer' YOU, our santababy*

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday (v.38) - i need a VACAY!!!

who's with me


*sape nak itot i???*

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dearie ::Our Life:: lovelies............... & i would like to wish





Quoting Claire in New Year's Eve Movie.......
"that's what New Year's is all about: getting another chance. A chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more. And stop worrying about 'what if' and start embracing what would be...let's remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other. And not just tonight but all year long"



Alhamdullillah its a good start for our 2012!
“Telah sujud wajahku kepada (Allah,Zat) yang Menciptakannya, yang Membentuknya dan yang Membuka pendengarannya serta penglihatannya dengan daya dan kekuatanNya maka Maha berkat (serta maha tinggilah kelebihan) Allah sebaik-baik Pencipta"
syukur ya Allah
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