Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Much Has Happened in 5 years!...Happy 5th Anniversary My Love

How wonderful to have you in my life!
All my feelings whirl about my heart!
Perhaps I can't contain that I'm your wife;
Perhaps I don't know how or where to start.
You have me always, no matter what you do:
A gift I give my gift, joyously.
Nothing means as much to me as you;
Nothing else so fully makes me, me.
If I had everything that God could grant,
Very little there would bring me peace.
Enwrapped in you is everything I want:
Rapture, warmth, affection, sweet release.
So strong my love! So happy, sure, and strong!
A thousand thousand years would not seem long!
Reason tells me everything must end,
Yet you will always be my lover-friend.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

our 4th Anniversary Vacay! (2008)

sorry for those sesape yg feel that this entry and previous one not interesting...
just want to commemerate our wedding anniversary before our
"wood" celebration
coming in less than 24hrs
so for our 4th anniversary vacay (2008), we grabbed the promotion offered under TIGER AIRWAYS to PERTH...
quite a good bargain we got there...RM900+ return flight ticket per person! if national carrier around RM2700...and even our low cost carrier pon dalam consider ok la kan ;)
and since my 3rd brother just married, so we invited them to join us for their 2nd time honeymoon! hehehehhe
and one of the most important reason why we opted for PERTH,was to bring mr.doc and my sis-in-law to meet my auntie & uncle in PERTH...not that they havent met them in person before, but just an official visit to their home (owh my aunt dah dok perth for 20++years).............and that consider ACCOMODATION = FREE!!!
thanx ashyu adik & uncle osman!
we really appreciate the hospitality!
1st day
the next day of our arrival, we head to the town...for shopping ofcourse!
harus shopping be the 1st itenary yeee...hehehhe
(owh owhhh this time around, no more hat...i opted for snow cap instead...hehehhehhe)
so we covered all the shopping district / area such as :
target (my sis in law suke giler work pants kat sini...n i like the lingeries! hahaha cheap ok!)
london court (good should u want to find souvenirs etc)
murray street & barrack street (byk giler shopsssss! owhh jay jays jeans! hahaha)
david jones (shopping mall)
myer (shopping mall)
harbour town!!!
(outlet shopping in australia)
shopping sakan sampai lupe nak snap gamba...serioussss best!!!
levi's, nike, fila, quick silver, country road esprit etc...
and for babies & kids plak banyakkk la jugak...i.e pumpkin patch, cotton on, betts kids etc
for homewares plak ade royal doulton, sheridan etc
2nd day
so the next day plak no more off for sightseeing n zoo hunting...hahhahaha
1st stop at PERTH ZOO...
hmmmm ok ok la zoo die...the best attarction was the crocodile! sooo huge...or should i say HUMONGOUS! and from the zoo keeper story, it actually ate die punye PARTNER! heheheh lapar sangat kot that day ;p
owh ok...obviously overall zoo highly maintain n the animals pon sihat2...but not that many to see ;p
owh entry fees die AUD9 for adult...hmmm ok la kan
then after the zoo, we went to the KING'S PARK & BOTANIC GARDEN
a perfect place to unwind!
after spending about 2 hours in king's park, we drove to FREMANTLE!
on the way, we stopped over at this memorial place for australian navy / servicemen..its up on the hill with a breath taking views of fremantle!
reaching fremantle, straight pegi makannnnn FISH & CHIPS!!!
owh seriously if u want to have the BEST fish & chips, CICERELLO'S is the one!!!
big portion (i mean really biggggg) and fresh!!!
price wise pon kinda ok!
and what we like about this place is the environment jugak...cantik ok!
after dah kekenyangan dan kebuntalan, we strolled down the market skets...
3rd day
on the 3rd day, we drove to SWAN VALLEY & MARGARET RIVER area...we stopped at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory for a free tasting of chocolate!!! hahahahha..heaven ok! hehehehe
then off for another ZOO trip to the CAVERSHAM WILDLIFE PARK...
this one a must visit place!!!
seriosuly we spend around 4 hours in the park itself...patting & feeding the wild kangaroo, wombat etc...
seriously a fun place for the kids too!
n yeah a fun place for me n my sis in law 'dera'ing the kangaroo to be our model!
4th day
the next day my aunt n family brought us to the Tubulgum Farm...unfortunately, the farm dah tutup dah not in operation no the place serves as a place where ppl get married coz the scenery is sooo gorgeous!!!
so later off we went to the FRUIT FARM...we got to see passimon (buah pisang kaki), kiwi etc!
and u actually can eat what ever fruits in the farm for free!
yg nak bawak balik je kene bayar!
then balik rumah we went out to MALAGA MARKET...saje diner kat situ n layan event kat situ...
5th day
final day in perth, our aunt brought us to the KING STREET!
whoootttt whoooottt!!!
this is where u can get all the designer boutiques!
so ape lagie la kannnnnnnnnn!!!
then my cousin recommended us to go for the best Ice Cream in town...
ICEY ICE SNOW ICE!!! is sooooooooo sedappppp!!!
serious macam melts at the tips of ur tongue!
heaven i tell u!!!
and for our final stop, we went to the SORENTO QUAY...
ade hillarys...
just a stroll around the area and had our diner before off to the airport!
so thats it for our 4th anniversary vacay!
and really looking forward for the 5th one!!!
p/s : nadd u mesti dah hafal dah kan tempat2 nie...since nie kat kampung u dulue...hehehhe ;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

our 3rd Anniversary Vacay! 2007

olla people...
last week i missed the entry for our 3rd anniversary vacation (2007)...
so here goes...
infact, it was a 3rd anniversary vacation cum our 2007 annual family vacation...
and this time around, we went to phuket...
kinda at a malas-mode right layan the pictures je la ekkk...hehehhe
we went with separate 2nd bro's family, my 3rd bro n me+hubby in one we actually plan to surprise my mum & dad (that went with my 1st bro's family)...
we came a day earlier than my at night, we went out strolling down the patong beach...owhhhh banyak 'paper doll' tuuuuuu...hahhaha
then the next day tue after all dah gathered, we opted for a city tour sampai malam had seafood dinner yg sangat sedappppp n murahhhhh...
esok nye plak, we chattered a private boat for the whole family for island hopping...went to various island la tp yg still ingat is that phi phi island...gorgeous!
then...the next day tue dah balik dahhhh...kejap jeeee...but a really memorable vacation!
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