Monday, July 20, 2009

Jambu PAK CU 916 high end version!

owh owh...
last night mr.doc & i went to delicious for dinner...
for drink i had this
soon after my first sip, trus i teringat
they have similar taste!
beza die satu harga RM9.90 and jambu w asam boi harga 50cent!
dont trust me?!?!?!
head urself to the nearest delicious cafe n order for "FROSTY GUAVA & SOUR PLUM"
and u'll have ur "JAMBU PAK CU 916" high end version!

8 comment(s):

Zuhaini said...

high end version..? hihi.. u mmg suka jambu, kah..? :)

yaNa MaLeK said...

hehehe dah rase jgk..mmg same..:)

Abrahyn said...

tapi kan...jambu pak cu tu mmg ho liau! my mom kalo beli siap mintak asam lebih lagi...:)

Razali Zain said...

Jambu pakcu!?, haha boleh bawak Hanis & Hariz try nih!!!

IxoR@ said...

Ermm...mmg sedap....


KS said...

yelah, dah masuk gelas kaca dan dijual dalam kedai ekon, kena la up sket hehehe... bisness maaa :P

The Queen Bee said...

wawahh terliur i tgkk!! kat ne u minum tu? boleh tau tak? jambu pak chu beli kat ner? i suka benda2 masam ni

naza said...

jambu pak chu 916 kt mane verde??i mmg hantu jambu esp mase blk delicious tu kt mane?i nk gi nnt kalau sempat..:)

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