Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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7 random/weird facts about me
I super duper hate lizards...and frog!...and any other species that have the same resemblance to it and slimy like it...during my UPSR, I was seating next to the window...overlooking outside, konon nak cari ilham, just to realize macam ade somebody was watching me at the side...when i turned my head, terkejut beruk i terperasan ade cicak sitting nicely on my shoulder...so i pon ape lagieeeee....menjerit tak ingat!!! gosh! no wonder i terase cam ade mate n kepala cam watching me at the side...rupe2 nye mate n kepala cicak!
and the weird thing is, it doesn't apply to cockroaches!!!!
nampak je lipasssssssss...akan beta kejar, spray...then spray lagie....dan spray lagie sampai matiiiii...klo jenis lipas yg active tue, after dah spray, kejar die, then tekup die ngan shieldtox nye bottom tue...pastue esok die angkat bukak tgk dah mati dahhhhhhhh!
sangat pantang dengan lipas lipas nie
I lurveee white and I prefer square than any other shape...
kire I'm obsess with any square-ish white colour thingy
up to the extent, my pinggan mangkuk bagai pon mesti nak WHITE...and SQUARE!
satue je yg belom dapat lagie ----> glass / coffee cup + saucer in square...i actually found it in SSF, but dah habes stock ;p
biler cakap ngan mr.doc, he said it is not practical to drink from a square cup...i know i know...but i nak jugakkkkkk!
I can't leave the house without wearing atleast 3 inches-high shoes...be it boots, wedges and stilettos, despite I'm 5' 7"
truth is, that 3inch is one of the factor that boost up my level of confidence for the day...
it felt so akward if I slipped on my flats and immediately I terase cam no poise and confidence...
i sanggup allocate one pair each in my car, in mr.doc's car, at my mum's, and at the office...
sanggop tak kluar if i don't have it!
do not mess up my kitchen!
and i don't like other people to be in the kitchen when im working...
thanx for the lovely thoughts to help around,
but seriously,
coz i rase akan lagie serabut klo byk sangat org...
it even applys to mr.doc...if he wants to help out, i sanggup kuar g tgk tv, and let him finish off, then bru sambung
and while cooking, i don't like to dump all the kitchen appliances in the sink, then after finish cooking bru basuh...
i'll wash it straight after every time usage!!!
love travelling / holiday / vacation so much
...in style...
i don't mind if tak dapat shopping ke tak,
but fridge magnet...harus wajib perlu mesti ade!!!
used to jog during uni years...was labelled as 'jogging freak' / 'kakak jogging'...coz those days, used to jog EVERY DAY, TWICE A DAY...WITHOUT FAIL!
skarang, bile jogging skets je mesti dah sakit perut...rase cam perut nak terburai je (due to the incision made during my laparotomy surgery...huhuhuhu...hmmm adakah itu alasan?!?!??!)
i lurve HORROR / THRILLER movies!!!
owh sangat suke cite hantu2 nie...
the best horror movie for me is

and the weird thing is,
i don't scream when i'm afraid...
i CRY instead!!!
bukan meraung type of crying...coz bile takot sangattttt...i just FROZE n tetibe je air mata akan mengalir...pucat...but i don't pee in my pants eiiiii...hahhahahahah
so if real life ter'encounter' ke, mmg tak bley org nak tolong coz tak scream langsunggggggg!!!
so now, i would like to tag
not a paksaan okey...
if u guys are free...n would like to do it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

the 4 (four) generations affair!

last weekend was a fun-tiring-fun-lovely-fun-sweet moment-fun-full of laughter-fun-FOUR-GENERATIONS'-AFFAIR-of-kuih raya(s) baking-DAY!
as the only daughter in my family, every raya, my mum n I used to have our 'kuih raya baking' day! we spent about the whole day just for baking n gossipping ofcourse ;p just the two of us!
but for this year, I wanted to add more fun to it...so i proposed to my mum, "why don't we invite kak ina, alifah n granma along to join us???!! as it will be FUN...the more the merrier!...and definitely more gossips!"
then my mum said "OK jugak"
yippieeeeeeeeeeeee...ringan sket keje aku! muahahahha
so we started our kuih raya baking session approximately 9.30am @ my house
why its 4 generations' affair???!!?!!?!?
my granma
my mum
my sis-in-laws + me
& my nieces
were there!!!
we managed to make 3 types of kuih raya in just 6 hours!
those are kuih raya turun temurun :
biscuit cepu mak intan
biscuit kacang mazola
biscuit oat

being me, I like to be something different...
so my biscuit kacang mazola version takes a different shape ;)

so for the rest, i just let the pictures tells it all...
my granma's bibik sdg menampi kacang
my sis in law meng'ayak' tepung
owh, that measuring cup that my granma was using, was actually a vintage one...
coz it has been used since 1940s...and it was actually a condense milk can!!!
gosh she really keep it still ;p
giler harta karun!!!
"haaaa, tgk macam mane mak buat nie alifah"

my kewl-rockstar-sporting-giler-mental sis-in-laws

we hired someone to tlg jagekan 'api dapur'
thanx mr.barney
kesian die sampai tertido2 manjage biscuit raya not to kasi hangus

'big boss' dah penat, jadi mandur kasi arahan jeeee kat menantu2...nyehnyehnyeh
biscuits ready to be baked...
all in all...
though it was a total chaos & tiring, we all really had FUN!

we are looking forward to next year session
n owh, we indeed already have a list of what we gonna bake for next year's ;)

Friday, September 19, 2008


did you dudettes know that TODAY...there are 3 sale events??!??!?! as far as i know la...if there is actually more, my bad ;p

and yes, all in ONE day!

those are
iSetan special card member's Sale
Luxury Clearance Sale
by Valiram Group / Melium Group
Salvatore Ferragamo Private Sale
for Citibank Credit Card Members
yesterday I thought of just going for the luxury clearance sale...since I get to know that Jimmy Choo is part of the sale item...owh! berangan having Jimmy Choo's heels to go with my kaftan, and clutching emillio pucci! owhhhh very elegant!
(note : berangan saje yeeee)
then suddenly last night my mum called saying that there is a letter for me...so then i go and get it, to know that it is actually an invitation to SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Private Sale for Citibank Credit Card member!
and I was like....OMG!
i sooooooo wanna goooooooo!!!
reminder to myself...
main objective for this time shopping-spree is to find wedges...a comfortable one for casual outing

so this morning, after CNN-ing to all my fellow shop-aholic babes, off we go to the first SALE!
@ ParkRoyal Hotel, Vanda 1, Level 2

we all had sooooooooooo much fun!

there are shoes, handbags, sunglasses, belt, key chain, hp landyard, id tag landyard, clutch, jackets, shirts, blouse, wallets, purses, scarf, men's shoes, men's bag, men's belt, wallet, etc

overall OK!
but choices are limited in terms of size for the shoes...
variety wise, kire ok la for that kind of sale...
owh, loly...the "fiera" bag that u adore pon ade tadie...quite a few jugak la...still interested??? ;)
after satisfying ourselves, we headed down to the

Valiram Group Luxury Clearance Sale
@ Grand Millenium Hotel KL, Millenium Room 3, 4, 5 & 6
the queue was sooooooo

but beratur je la kan...Jimmy Choo punye pasal ;p
though i knew that handbags are not allowed to go in, yet I still brought mine...takkan nak tinggal in the car pulak kan...
while checking-in, we are requested to leave our handbags outside...with the rest of other handbags...I mase tu tawakal je la ;p
I brought my LV hampstead...n my friend brought her Gucci...we decided to put our handbags next to LV multicolour speedy n marc Jacob stam bag...hehehehhehehe...
considering that those bags are much expensive than ours...so klo org nk cilok ke, they for sure cilok the most / more expensive ones...hahhahahahha...
konon justification nak sedap kan hati...hehehhe
nways, masuk2 je I head straight to JIMMY CHOO section...
gosh...they are soooooo drop dead gorgeous!!!

but flipping it to see that every each of them cost more than ONE THOUSAND, really made me stumbled!

and yes...thats the price after less ye darls!!!

i was devastated!

yeah i know, i know...my friend questioned me saying that how come i can easily spend on four-figure-handbags, and not on that JIMMY CHOOs!

my clarification is simple......

at this point of time, i still cant accept wearing a four-figure-high-heels that i can only wear once in a while...plus my main objective was to find for a casual outing shoes that I can bawak belasah hari2...
so I pass dengan kekecewaan!
(owh i still terbayang how comfortable the shoes are...n how gorgeous it fits!!! huwaaaaaaaaa)

we went back to the office masing2 with a big smile in the face...

as for me, these are the reasons ;)

btw babes...
the SALVATORE FERRAGMO SALE still ade for tmrw...its 19th and 20th...starts @ 10am...

so go and grab urs!

mane la tau, boley dapat handbag raya ke, kasut raya ke, purse raya ke ;)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I received this email regarding migrain n the miracle of ayat2 al-quran as its remedy...hope those who experience n suffering from migrain can try it out...insyaallah ;)
love this pix while browsing thru..courtesy of migraine chix

hehehhehe...barbie is having a migraine attack!

Save this method onto your hand phone "Notes"or "To-do List" so that when you have a headache and migraine attack comes with strong conviction,do these methods, Insyaallah,it will work;
1. Read Al fatihah (1 x )
2. Read Surah Al Ikhlas (3 x )
3. Read Surah Yassin ayat ke 58 "SalamunQaulan Minrabbirrahim" (3 x )
4. Read Selawat (3 x )
Blew it onto ur palms and put it on ur head for a while.
After that, repeat the whole process again.
Hope by sharing this experience, we become more confident of ayat2 Allah.
Yakinlah dgn ayat2 Allah.
Barangsiapa yang membaca YAASIN sepenuhnya Dan pada ayat ke 58 surah tersebut "SALAAMUN QAULAN MINRABBIN RAHIM" diulang sebanyak 7 kali untuk 7 niat baikmu, Insya Allah denganizin Yang Maha Esa Dan Maha Kuasa, semua hajatmu akan dikabulkan.
Jika boleh niatkan sebegini:
1) YA-ALLAH YA-RAHIM, ampunkan dosa-dosaku,kedua ibubapa ku Dan saudara-maraku
2) YA-ALLAH YA-RAHMAN, kurniakan akuisteri, suami, anak-anak yang soleh Dan mencintai Islam

3) YA-ALLAH YA-RAZZAK, kurniakan akurezeki yang berkat, kerja yang baik Dan berjaya didunia Dan akhirat.

4) YA-ALLAH YA-JABBAR, makbulkan hajatpenghantar maklumat yang aku dapat ini.

5) YA-ALLAH YA-MUTAQABBIR, jauhkanaku dari sifat khianat Dan munafiq Dan miskin .

6) YA-ALLAH YA-WADUUD, kurniakan akuDan seluruh umat Muhammad yang beriman kesihatan zahir batin.

7) YA-ALLAH YA-ZALJALA LIWAL IKRAM,makbulkanlah semua hajatku, Dan redhaikanlah aku. AMIN.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008



hey dudettes!
yesterday as u know, was my darling's bday
instead of buying or baking him a cake, I tought of doing something different instead
we both LOVE ice cream sooooo much
(owh we so lurve lepaking at Baskin Robbins Cafe, The Garden & Haagen Dazs Cafe, KLCC)
and we haven't been using the RONSON Ice Cream Supreme Maker which is our wedding present from our aunt who lives in perth australia way back from 2004!


so as to do justice for the machine itself, I decided to make a special treat for my darling's special day
so what do u need???

250g fresh strawberries, washed

4 egg yolks

3/4 cup caster sugar

350ml cream

200ml milk

a pinch of salt

ice cream maker
(but if u don't have an ice cream maker, don't worry darling...u can just straight freeze it up upon completion)
and of course, the last ingredients are


what to do???

remove hulls from strawberries and cut into pieces
set aside 1/4 of it and slice it further into small pieces

beat the egg yolks and sugar together until light and fluffy

pour in the cream

add in the milk until thoroughly combined

add a pinch of salt
blend strawberries and the mixture together

switch on the ice cream maker and pour in the mixture
allow it to churn for 40minutes

then add the refined sliced strawberries

for extra
u can add almonds, nuts, hazelnuts or macademias, colourful sprinklers or melted cooking choc
as for yesterday, i only have almonds n sprinklers
so i just make do of what i have...hehehhe
and wallahhhhhhhhhhhh!

if u dont have the ice cream maker, freeze it first before serving

n alhamdullillah...it turn out GOOD!...
"realllllll gooddddd" as what mr.doc said

(why both ade lilin??? saje je...i pon nak happy birthday jugak ;p)
n yes, mr.doc was sooo happy not just because
he had an ice cream for his 'bday-cake',

coz its a home-made ice cream,

its health as no preservative n yada yada,

its cheap


the ultimate reason

"he is so glad that I don't have to drag him out just to have ice cream in KLCC or The Gradens anymore!!!"
all in all...it was a success...
this machine will be our new best friend from now on!
and hope that u ladies can try it out too!
simple je kan ingredient die...later2 I share the recipe for chocolate ice cream plak, banana ice cream, choc chip ice cream, lemon sorbet ice cream...and yoghurt!

till then...
happy trying!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Bebey, u've always been my best friend,
my mentor, my reason to achieve,
u've given me so very much in life, and yes,
u've given me the reason to believe.

U've always been such an amazing husband,
and thankfully, I can also say that in the present tense,
u've shown me so many important lessons,
live and love your life to the full, just common sense.

U've always given great advice and guidance,
and on those seas, u've been our guiding light,
u've made rainbows out of stormy weather,
u've made daybreak out of the darkest night.

U've always looked out for me, constantly,
concerned about my safety and my health,
with u in my live, I have such treasure, such wealth.

U are truly a wonderful husband,
as u couldn't be surpassed,
u give me such quality time,
a genuine and heartfelt love that is steadfast.

U always make me feel special,
always asking me how my days went,
u leave me "love words" everyday,
in every way ur husbandhood has been Heaven sent.

U are patient, loving and compassionate,
u're honest and will never speak a word that's unkind,
u are a guiding light, an inspiration,
a treasure that's so very rare and hard to find.

Actually, on second thoughts,
maybe, u're an angel in disguise,
if you started to sprout a halo and wings,
although startling, it would come as no surprise.

Blessed is certainly the way I feel
and I know our family clan feel that way too,
because we're very proud of who u are
and very proud of what u do.

Because our match must've been made in Heaven,
I thank ALLAH for lending us his brightest star,
I just wanted u to know that I love u,
because of u, I am who I are.

So just know that I'll always be there for u,
I'll love and respect u to the end of my days,
and I know that feeling will be returned many times over,
because that's what u've done for me, always.

So thanks to u, my wonderful husband,


Here's to u, my shining star, my guiding light
and here's to at least another thirty-four more!

p/s : as 'kautim', ur prezie combine together with our 5th anniversary prezie next year k! nyehnyehnyeh...

Friday, September 12, 2008


why u may ask???
there are 2 scenes happened yesterday that made my mouth blurted out that OMG-thingy...
1st scene
i just spend HALF of a THOUSAND for 14 ITEMS;
which usually i can ONLY get 3-4 items in the same amount at retail price...
yes 14 vs. 4!!!
kire 10 items tu FREE la
(well atleast thats my justification to mr.doc btw after knowing that he will question my yesterday's purchase after last week splurge of replenishing my daily La Mer dose ;p)
n yes...thanx to my darling friend, FYNN for having a friend thats a 'somebody' in CHANEL world...
FYNN darl, u know i love u not just becoz of this CHANEL PRIVATE SALE rite???!!! hahahhaha...just kidding babe...
n babe, now u r officially my HANTU!!! for always trying to pull me into the shop-aholic world...how we both wished that we know that ur friend nie way back when we started using this product kan...klo tak memang dah save banyakkkkkk!!!
owh ghurls, check out her blog (:: click here ::) to know more about 'hasil2 tangkapan' puan fynn kite yg obviously lagi bykkkkkkk dari mine!!! ;)
owh, mampos this month kene settle credit card two days back-to-back...why la bank ni tak buat concept 'unlimited-amount-of-fund-transfer-per-day'...susah la ade limit2 nie...skali transaction charge 2 hengget! klo free takpe la jugak ;p opssss - verde mem'bebel'ing
2nd OMG scene!
yesterday i received a gift from my vendor partner...balik rumah i put it on the table...mr.doc balik je from work last night, seeing the nicely wrapped present, trus tanye dgn happy nye kat i
"is this for me???!!!???
MY BDAY PRESENT EIII????!!!??!?!?!?"
and i was like......................
(drama dlm hati je ek)
...I dengan muka kerang busuk replied
...........which the truth is.............
i haven't bought anything for him yet
i can't think what to get for him in this short duration
i only have merely 34hours to think, to survey, and to buy the present!..
what shall i buy for him????
-sincerely yours : DESPERAteDO houseWIvesFE -

Thursday, September 11, 2008


:: PART 4 ::
the continuation
yeap i admit that i started to love designer
of missy....
Monogram Canvas MANHATTAN PM



and so i was searching for a new handbag that can be used for function...while browsing thru LV website (at that time), i came across SUHALI LEATHER line...
i said to myself, those are such an elegant collection...
after surveying at the boutique itself, i decided to postpone my intention acquiring it...coz it cost me an arm n a leg to acquire one...
but then i got to know that one of my friend is going for a business trip in London...
i jump in joy knowing that i can actually pesan to her and save more or less about RM1k plus...
so here it is...
my 4th precious
:: Suhali Leather ::

To date...L'EPANOUI has been the most loyal and my fav bag for function…
coz no matter what colour my dress is, it goes well with my black stuart weitzman...
and owh did i tell u that i fell in love with the white version...
the only picture i can get thru the net...since this line has been discontinued from LV collection
but since white is so hard to maintain...i go for missy balckie ;)
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