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EndometrioSIS / EndometrioMA / EndometrioTIC
** PART 1 **

So here goes…

I am married for 3 years 6 months (to date of this entry).

I have a regular menses cycle (28-30days) and experienced all the pre-mentrual-sydrome (PMS) that most of the other women does. U just name it…bloatedness, cramping pain, ‘feels like eating a whole elephant’ syndrome hahahha, backache, moody etc...and I thought that’s all normal.

My menses usually takes about 5 – 7days with a serious cramping pain on the 1st day. Usually, on the 1st day, I won’t be able to walk and sit. All that I prefer was to lay down static on my bed. It hurts so much even if I tried to change my positions on d bed! Been experienced it since my teenage years so I thought its ‘normal’.

During my Uni years, I used to be criticized by some of my friends that think I just made it all up just to skip lectures etc. whateverrrr!!! well those were the days………..

Nways, me n hubby planned not to have kid(s) for 3 years. So last April 2007, marked our 3rd year anniversary and we are more than happy to start a family. We waited for about 2 months to no avail. One thing for sure yg I feel different about myself is that, starting from my May 2007 menses cycle, it only takes about 3 days instead of the usual 5-7days. This also happens for my June cycle. So I thought its normal maybe my hormone are doing some adjustments to themselves ;p

At the mean time, I received news from my friend saying that one of our friends successfully conceived after going for ‘the most well-known gynecologist in Malaysia’. (Am truly happy for her ; ) ) This gyne was actually my mum’s gyne for her surgery during the 1990s. She had a fibroid back then and had hysterectomy surgery which is the removal of the uterus and both ovaries. The gyne is a good one and highly sought after way back then till these days!

Ok ok enough of my mum’s, back to my friend’s story. My friend have been trying to have a baby for about 2 years. What she experienced was that, since the day she got married, her menses reduce from 7days normally, to 3 days. After consulting with the gyne, he advised her to undergo a D&C (dilate & curette) to remove the excess of her menses that traps on her uterus wall. This happened due to incomplete menses discharge. wonder her menstrual cycle drops to 3 days. With that, I presume her case was similar like mine. So I set an appointment with ‘the gyne’ on July 7th 2007. 070707 such a nice date eiii…


At 1st me and hubby ingat just saje nak buat normal check-up for infertility. So off we go to Damansara. Seeing a lot of people in this specialist center didn’t shocked us. Ramai giler bangat orang!!! After all he is ‘the-most well known gynecologist in Malaysia’. Business must have been excellent!

When my number is up, he performed an ultrasound on me. During the consultation, 1st thing he mentioned to us was for me to undergo a SURGERY!!! We were in shock! Tergezut badaks hokey. Tetibe je takde angin takde ape, trus die suruh g buat surgery. He said that I have a retroverted uterus and endometriosis with confident. “ENDO whatttt???” me asking. At that point of time memang blurrrrrrr. Plus still in shock.

*pix courtesy of Abbott Laboratories

*pix courtesy of Yahoo! images

So my hubby takes the lead in the conversation. He is an accident & emergency doctor. So he understands better and they communicate better with the medical terms compared to me ;p So he asked me to go for a HSG (Hysterosalpingography) X-Ray at one of the leading x-ray specialist center.

*pix courtesy of wikipedia & author jemsweb

HSG is also known as uterosalpingography, is an x-ray examination of a woman's uterus and fallopian tubes that uses a special form of x-ray called fluoroscopy and a contrast material.
So I went for this Hysterosalpingography thingy. I did some research on the internet. It says that it is a ‘painless medical test’! yeah riteeee! Ya Allah! Agak sakit jugak laaa ;( My first experience of such x-ray. Huhuhuhu.
Nways, this HSG was meant to evaluate the structure and shape of my uterus and its fallopian tubes aswell as to determine whether there is any scarring within the peritoneal cavity.

Report came out stating that I am normal and everything looks fine (in layman’s word laaa. In the reports, the language used was soooo medically for me ;p). Alhamdullillah syukur.

On the next follow up with the gyne, my hubby was asked to go for the sperm count test and result shows that he is in an excellent shape. Bravo hubby ;) hehehhehe…

At the end of the consultation, the gyne prescribed me a bottle of evening primrose oil (EPO having a scientific name of Oenothera) and 2 courses of clomid (with a scientific name of clomifene). He then advised me to try to conceive for that 2 months period, and if not successful, come back after raya (which was another 3 months from the day of that consultation).
From then on, my weight starts to increase. I'm a little depressed though since I was previously the type that really concern about my physical appearance and image. But when I think back what is our 1st objective – to have a baby of our own – I decided to sacrifice for it. Insyaallah.

EndometrioSIS / EndometrioMA / EndometrioTIC

To educate & to create awareness!

Those are among the few reasons that initiate me in posting a story(ies). Yeap, I was diagnosed with the above. Educating others on it, is the best that I can do rite now. Besides, this blogging thingy can keep me bz during my recovery period post-surgery later (which was scheduled on 18th October 2007). If not, ‘mati-kutu’ la beta taktau ape nak buat for one whole month!!! ;p

My wish is that, by posting stories before and after the surgery will in a way create some level of awareness to others. A woman shall know her own body. Always pay attention to any changes to her inner & outer self. Don’t under estimate the requirement of annual general check-up. And most of all, don’t under estimate the pain that you have to endure before and during ur menses. are some previews / pixs on what / how does endometriosis looks like...i maybe disturbing for some of hold on tight!
*pixs courtesy of Yahoo! images

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