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::LA here we come~~~::


n3 this time was actually happened few months back…middle Feb 2007…on d 17th to be specific…while browsing thru the folders, bru terperasan / teringat yg haven't had the chance to upload it...since there are lots of pix taken during d vacation, so kire takkan nak letak sume plak kannnnn…very the long hokeyyyy nak tunggu fp upload batch by batch…soo trus terlupe...n since byk nak explain fro this trip, so I decided to create a blog...which specifically for story-morry yg panjang berjela...hokehhhh???! hokeyyyy...trip was amazing!!! and enjoyable…really had lots of fun in LA…despite d nerve wrecking procedures in getting the visa ;p nways…thanx to mama & papa for the trip…(n sponsoring most of it la kannnn…hehehhee... :P lurve u both to bits!!! :-D )

1st day
Arrive je at
LAX, waiting for the man from the car rent…we rent a big MPV…dah tueeee, 7 adults + 1 kid + 1 toddler…(hmmm MPV keeee…cam lagie besa je dari MPV mesia…I bet American kan bdn besa2, that’s y kot…hahahaha)…after settling everythg, trus check-in Anaheim Plaza Hotel & Suites…very strategic location to stay, as its near the LA Disneyland…walking distance je…sgt dekat hokeyyy! Srunut! So after rest wash-up2 a bit, off for dinner n city sightseeing…n plus finding for food supply ;p tj-maxx, walmart sume jejak…jakun kannnn…padahal same je cam carefour giant tesco kat mesia…hahhahahhahha…siap amek gamba, mat salleh mesti pelik tgk kiteorg…wellll whateverrrrr!!!… 2nd day
Shopg dayyyyyyy!!! Weeeheeee…mmg kiteorg dah plan from mesia lg shopg hv to be 1st…hahahahhaa…papa sampai pening kepala…hehehhe…so off we go to the biggest premium outlet in California (CA)…
Desert Hills Premium Outlets, Cabazon! U just name it…gucci, coach, dior, bottega veneta, burberry, escada, gap, armani, hugo boss, J.Crew, juicy couture, kenneth cole, saks fifth avenue, ferragamo, prada, tod’s, ysl…everythg’s under d sun! cume chanel & LV je takde ;( huhuhuu...(only woodbury premium outlet, NY je ade chanel...takpe takpe...insyaallah, new york, just wait for us!!!) best thing, dah la premium outlet…price lower (much lower) than retail boutique price…on top of that, it was ‘the president’s day’…so every item additional 30% discount!!! Sweeettttt eitttt! So the whole day (since the shop opens @ 10am till 6pm) spend kat sinie je…blk puas hatiiii! hope all my fren yg pesan2 stuff pon puas hatiiii ;)

3rd day
Sight-seeing day. Early morning drove to H.O.L.L.Y.W.O.O.D! where all the big stars are born! Walk thru the hollywood boulevard
‘The Hollywood Walk Of Fame’ till La Brea Avenue…best thing is to discover the star of my Marilyn Monroe! Happy sakan…

stop over @ Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where all the star prints is! Then we pass thru Kodak theatre…that week was the OSCAR’s…so everyone was bz preparing the set…guess what???!!! Although am not a Hollywood star, atleast dpt gk walk on the RED CARPET!!! Wooohoooo…real seiii…hahahhaha…so after tired of walking, we went to The Grove! An upscale shopping & dining…shop for a bit here...kewl place though...then we took a tram to The Farmer’s Market…where 100 over shops, restaurants, and grocers are and claim to be LA’s best place to people watch!...quite true though since ramai bangat org…a place to hangout and shop aswell…after that we drove to B.E.V.E.R.L.Y.H.I.L.L.S…drove thru Beverly hills boulevard and Rodeo Drive; stop over to take pictures at the famous Beverly Hills Hotel…hmmm did u know that this hotel is own by Sultan Brunei??!!! Ya kaaa…if so…mak aiii kaya siot! Dah la Beverly hills nie only for the rich & famous…huwaaaa…as for the sunset, we drove to S.A.N.T.A.M.O.N.I.C.A.P.I.E.R...didn't get the chance to hangout at the pier...just enjoying the sunset moment...before ending the day, me & hubby dating just the two of us to “tutttttttt”…ade arrrr…my 1st experience & it was FUN! Kat mane???...for me to know, for u to find out! Hahahhahahha…

4th day
Today we start off to
T.H.E.G.E.T.T.Y.C.E.N.T.E.R where a place that presents the Getty's collection of Western art from the Middle Ages to the present against a backdrop of dramatic architecture, tranquil gardens, and breathtaking views…

then we went to the U.N.I.V.E.R.S.A.L.S.T.U.D.I.O.S…entertainment capital of LA…I had a time of my life when we went to for the World Famous Studios Tour where we visited the Desperate Housewives filming set!!!!!!!!!! Awesome! Trus meremang bulu hokeyyyy…since I love the series sooooooooo much!!! (along with prison break, criminal minds & csi la kannn) yet, wentworth miller rock my world!!!

5th day
We push off early from hotel for
S.A.N.D.I.E.G.O.Z.O.O…traveling agak lame jugak laaa…on the way tue we stop over to this one place…stretching legs jap…suddenly we noticed there were pigeons and squirrels around…so ape lagie my nephew hakim n my niece arisha suke bangat…they fed the animals! Kire kasik warm-up before reaching the real zoo ;p sampai je san diego zoo, trus we went for the tram zoo tour…

after spending about 2 hours there, we head to the S.E.A.W.O.R.L.D.A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E.P.A.R.K! The best show was the SHAMU SHOW!...shamu d killer whale…ade gak part that make me cry gak arrrr…hahahhahaha…minah leleh kan ;p ape2 pon, sea world is a must-go place if u r in California…
6th day
Another shopg dayyyy!!! This time around, we went to
O.N.T.A.R.I.O.M.I.L.L.S.F.A.C.T.O.R.Y.O.U.T.L.E.T.S! hahahhahaha…notice omething????!!! Hehehehhee…us, each w our newwww H*** **G! hahahhahha…harus hokehhhhh ;p at 1st I wonder y there is no pixs in d mall / outlets while we were shopping…then I just realize…coz we are bz shopping!!! Only one pix je ade, it upon hubby yg tgh kebosanan waiting for us d ladies shopping ;p

7th day
Weeeeheeee…today is d day to have some FUN!!! We r off to
D.I.S.N.E.Y.L.A.N.D.P.A.R.K.!!! yeahooooo! Yeahhhh I know I know…cam udak2 ekkk??? whattttt!!! Hahahhahhaha…its just me – verde! We all really had fun especially the kids +their aunt sorang nie ;p hehhehe…as usual, kalo pg Disneyland, tak sah klo tak watch the Disney Parade! And fireworks at the end of the day…but this time, me & hubby missed the firework part coz kebuluran, so balik hotel mkn carik nasik…hahhahaha perut melayu hokehhhh!!!
8th day
D fun doesn’t stop…indeed it continues for today!!!…early mrning we walked to D
.I.S.N.E.Y.’.S.C.A.L.I.F.O.R.N.I.A.A.D.V.E.N.T.U.R.E! The must-try rides – California Screamin’ & Mulholland Madness!!! Those are the best roller coaster I have been on!!! Superb!!! Warning, not suitable for those yg ade heart attack or/and lemah semangat hokeyyyyy!!! Btw, I am really proud at my niece (5+yo) that brave enuf to ride the Mulholland Madness with me!!! Siap pucat2 la minah tue…yet indeed she had fun! Brave ghurl! After enjoying all the rides…me n hubby kuar dating just d two of us…saje jejln around Anaheim…took a bus, g target…saje ;p
Well sad to say, this is the last day we r in LA…our flight mlm at 11.35pm…soon after target, we head back to hotel, pack up, then off to airport LAX…bye bye LA!!! Me & hubby definitely will be back again…insyaallah!
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